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I am a PhD student in the Loughborough University chemistry department and Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence. I am conducting my research at EffecTech Ltd. My research topic is improving methods and efficiency for the production, measurement, and use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

One of the main aims of my research is to characterise solid carbon dioxide in LNG. CO2 is commonly found in natural gas reserves and must be removed before the gas can be transported and used or liquefied. When natural gas is liquefied, any CO2 present will form a solid as it does not readily dissolve. This can cause damage to process equipment therefore LNG has a CO2 limit of 50 ppm. Currently, amine solvents are used to remove CO2 from the natural gas prior to liquefaction, however the process is expensive, energy intensive, and the solvents can be harmful.

New cryogenic methods of removing CO2 from the liquefied gas are being developed, however little is known about the physical properties and behaviour of CO2 in LNG. In my research, I synthesise contaminated natural gas and CO2 and condense the mixture in the lab. I am then able to directly study and measure the properties of the system, including particle size and morphology. This experimental data can support the development of new combined liquefaction/CO2 removal processes which could save cost, space, and decrease complexity.

This research also has links to post-combustion CO2 capture and the production of bioLNG from anaerobic digestion.

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