PhD: I have received a full studentship to start my PhD this January. I am working on “Analytical Calculations and Numerical Simulation of the Effect of the Top Surface Morphology on CO2 Storage” under supervision of Dr. Seyed Shariatipour at Coventry University. The study focuses on investigating the effect of top surface morphology on CO2 migration.

Master: I worked on my Master thesis for 9 months at TNO Company (Utrecht, Netherlands). My research looks at the use of Gradient Based and Gradient Free Production Optimization of Reservoir Well Number and Placement. The life-cycle production optimization workflows were applied on an oil-water reservoir model in MRST (MATLAB reservoir simulator tool), using two different approaches namely, the Ensemble-based gradient method (EnOpt) and the Pattern Search method.

During my Master, I finished my ASP (Alta Scuola Politecnica) program during which students follow a curriculum additional to their degree programs based on ad-hoc courses and the development of multidisciplinary projects. As an ASP student, I worked on Life Cycle assessment of High Energy Wind Turbines for two years. Moreover we worked on different multidisciplinary projects as a team, including: “design methods”, “innovation and society”, “management of innovation”, “complex decision making in the public and the private sphere”, “global change and sustainability” and “the dynamics of creativity for a resilient city”.

Bachelor: In my Bachelor, I was Research Assistant for two years at EOR centre of Shiraz University which resulted in instructing a helium porosimeter for the first time in IRAN, synthesizing an Ionic Liquids and investigating its effectiveness as an EOR agent through core flooding. For my B.Sc. thesis, I worked on Numerical Simulation of CO2 Storage Methods and Trapping Mechanisms. In this study we presented the results of a simulation of carbon dioxide storage in a deep saline aquifer with a commercial blackoil simulator. The objective was to better understand the storage mechanisms after finishing up the injection in a large time scale. I did my Bachelor internship at SZOGPC ( South Zagross Oil&Gas Production Company) working on improving Gilbert choke relationship for high rate gas condensate reservoirs; and have generated a new choke relationship for one of the Iranian gas fields.

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