DrMaria ElenaDiego De Paz

I graduated as Chemical Engineer at the University of Oviedo (Spain) in 2009. Then, I began to work at the National Institute of Coal - Spanish Research Council (INCAR-CSIC) in the field of the development of Calcium Looping technology for CO2 capture in coal- and biomass-fired power plants, and at the same time I decided to enrol a Masters in Process and Environmental Engineering. During my PhD I was involved in the execution of several projects that aimed at developing, demonstrating and optimizing Calcium Looping technology, in collaboration with highly-regarded engineering companies, end users and academic institutions. In this context, I developed reactor models to adequately describe the process, and I also studied the viability of process variants to reduce the overall energy consumption. Moreover, I performed process mass and heat balances, tests campaigns in two pilot plants at semi-industrial scale and experimental results interpretation using adequate models. After my PhD, I continued working at INCAR-CSIC as Postdoctoral researcher to contribute to the development of CO2 capture using Calcium Looping technology. Recently, I've started working as Research Associate at the University of Sheffield in the field of CCS for gas turbines.

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Early Career Researcher