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Kevin was appointed GM Research for ANLECRD ( Australian National Low Emission Coal Research and Development), Barton, ACT Australia, Sept 2015
Kevin retired from BP in 2014 and participated in the launch of a spinout company Silicon Microgravity to commercialise borehole gravity technology based on resonance MEMS sensors.
Kevin joined BP in 2007 in his responsibility of Leading Geological Integrity and Monitoring Assurance Technology for carbon storage management, BP Alternative Energy. At the end of his tenure he piloted a technical breakthrough in borehole gravity with Cambridge University.
He was previously the Monitoring and Verification Research Program Manager for CO2CRC. Kevin was also Geophysics Research Manager for CSIRO Petroleum in Perth. Prior to that he spent 20 years in Schlumberger with field and engineering oversight postings in the Middle East and Europe. His most recent position at Schlumberger was Unit Geophysicist for Schlumberger Wireline Services Europe.
In his CCS role Kevin has twice been a member of the IEA GHG M&V review team for Weyburn, he has acted as a reviewer for monitoring research proposals for Carbon Management Canada. Kevin also lead CCP3 M&V research activities, through which he has worked with CO2CRC, the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (UT), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories on specific monitoring projects within the US regional partnerships and global test sites. He has been on the steering committee and co-chaired the IEA GHG R&D program monitoring and risk networks. In 2011 and 2012 Kevin was co-chair of the Alberta Government regulatory advisory working group on MMV. He also was co-chair of the CCS session at the International Geological Congress, August 2012, Brisbane Australia. He has also been President of the Australian SEG and Chairman of the Australian Geoscience Council.

Australian National Low Emission Coal Research and Development
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