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I am a Lecturer in Process Intensification at Newcastle University. My first degree was in Chemical Engineering from Newcastle University completed in 1989. I continued my studies at Newcastle on intensified liquid-liquid extraction. My supervisor was Colin Ramshaw and I gained my Ph.D. in 1993.

I have twenty years of experience working with Rotating Packed Bed (RPB). Since 2010 I have been investigating the use of rotating packed beds to intensify the carbon capture process. The aim of this work is to significantly reduce the capital and operating costs of solvent based carbon capture processes. These projects include

2011 - 2014 Alstom Power: Power consumption, pressure drop and liquid distribution in large scale rotating packed beds.

2015 - EPSRC (EP/M001458/1): Process Intensification for Post-combustion Carbon Capture using Rotating Packed Bed through Systems Engineering. The main experimental part of this project is the development of an intensified solvent regerator.

2015 - Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd: Process Intensification of Carbon Capture

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