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Jason Hallett is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, with expertise in solvent design for bioenergy and biorefinery applications, including carbon capture, lignocelluosic biofuels and materials manufacturing. His principle research goal is the development of sustainable solvent-systems for bioenergy and bioprocessing applications. He is involved in two major EPSRC initiatives aimed at using novel solvents as processing tools (EP/K014676/1 on sustainable production of polymers from biomass; EP/K038648/1 on scale-up of nonaqueous bioprocesses). He has published more than 50 articles (ca. 4,000 total citations with an h-index of 25) and 5 patents. He is the director of the Biorenewables stream of the Manufacturing Futures Lab and the IC Industrial Biotechnology Hub. His current research group includes 6 PDRAs and 12 PhD students.

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Senior Lecturer
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Academic member