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* Independent technical advisor on geological storage of carbon dioxide, regulations and monitoring (May - 2014 to present).
* Current member of Standards Australia Mirror Committee to ISO/TC265 Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation, and Geological Storage, and member of ISO/TC265 Working Groups 4 (Quantification and Verification) and Working Group 5 (Cross-cutting Issues).
* Current member of CCS Working Group to the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism.
* Geoscience Australia (2007 to 2014) - Former advisor on geological storage of greenhouse gases to the Australian Government. Australian Government delegate to UNFCCC meetings in Durban (2011) and Doha (2012) on CCS in the CDM.
* Former member of the regulatory adivice panel for the EU SiteChar Project.
* University of New South Wales (2003-2006) and CO2CRC. Assisted in development of techno-economic model for CCS.
* Geophysicist in the petroleum industry 1980 to 1992.

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