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From Quebec (Canada), I have a formation in Chemical Engineering.
I completed my master and PhD degrees at Laval University (Quebec).
My thesis subject was "Sterically hindered amines based absorbents and application for CO2 capture in membrane contactor". This was oriented toward CO2 capture with various new aqueous amine solutions designed to be used in membrane contactors. Scientific articles were published about: CO2 absorption kinetics, thermodynamic equilibrium, solution physico-chemical properties, amine degradation, hydrophobic membrane wetting, membrane contactor operation and optimization.
I then did a first postdoc in France about CO2 valorization by its conversion into dimethyl ether (DME). This project involved the production of a hydrophilic zeolite membrane for the in-situ removal of water produced during the CO2 hydrogenation to DME. Scientific articles were published about: zeolite membrane synthesis, and high temperature zeolite adsorbent use for water adsorption in CO2 hydrogenation reactions.
And more recently, I started a second postdoc in Edinburgh about the "Development of a Compact CO2 Capture Process to Combat Industrial Emissions." My work is focused on studying microwave-assisted regeneration of spent solvents loaded with CO2.

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