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Education and training
• University of Stuttgart, Germany, Physics, Ph.D., 2011
• University of Heidelberg, Germany, Physics, Diplom, 2006
Professional Experience
• Since 08/2017: Associate Professor, School of Energy Geoscience Infrastructure and Society, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
• 01/2014 –07/2017: Assistant Professor, School of Energy Geoscience Infrastructure and Society, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
• April 2011 – December 2013: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA
• January 2007 – March 2011: Research Associate, Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

1. Reservoir Simulation, course leader, National Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Ghana, 2017
2. Geomechanics and Flow Mechanics, module Flow Mechanics, Heriot Watt University, 2014/2015, 2016/2017, 2017/2018
3. Multiphase Flow in Geological Reservoirs, course leader, TU Darmstadt, Germany, 2017
4. Mathematics in Context, module Mathematics in Reservoir Engineering / Simulation, Heriot Watt University, 2015/2016
5. Brown Bag Seminar Series on Multi-scale Multi-physical Modelling and Simulation in Geo-engineering, seminar leader, Heriot Watt University, 2014-2017
6. Analytical and quasi-analytical solutions for multiphase flow in porous media, course leader, Princeton University, 2012/2013
7. Modern methods of simulation in physics, supervision of student papers, University of Stuttgart, 2009/2010
8. Continuum mechanics, leader tutorials and exercises, University of Stuttgart, 2007/2008
9. Analysis 1, tutorials and exercises, University of Heidelberg, 2003/2004

1. R. March, Research Associate, since 04/2018
2. C. Maier, (co-advisor), Research Associate, since 05/2017
3. F. Watson, Research Associate, since 02/2017
4. J. Maes, (co-advisor), Research Associate, since 08/2015
Current PhD and MSc Students
1. K. Osori, main advisor, started 03/2018 (MSc, located at NIMS, Ghana)
2. A. Kubeyev, main advisor, started 08/2017 (PhD)
3. M. Ashworth, main advisor, started 10/2016 (PhD)
4. M. Ghaderi, main advisor, started 2016 (PhD)
5. D. Wong, main advisor, started 2016 (PhD)
6. H. Elder, co-advisor, main advisor S. Geiger (Heriot Watt University), started 2015 (PhD)
7. S. AlAmeri, co-advisor, main advisor S. Geiger (Heriot Watt University), started 2015 (PhD)
8. N. Kani, co-advisor, main advisor A. Elsheikh (Heriot Watt University), started 2015 (PhD)
9. S. Chan, co-advisor, main advisor A. Elsheikh (Heriot Watt University), started 2015 (PhD)
10. S. Pavuluri, main advisor, started 2015 (PhD)
11. R. Edwards, co-advisor, main advisor M.A. Celia (Princeton University), started 2012 (PhD)
Graduated PhD Students
1. R. March, main advisor, 2018
2. P. Markov, co-advisor (hosted for 6 months) with (Tyumen University), 2016
3. B. Guo, co-advisor with M.A. Celia (Princeton University), 2016
4. M. Kang, co-advisor as research associate with M.A. Celia (Princeton University), 2014
5. O. Hönig, co-advisor as research associate with R. Hilfer (University of Stuttgart), 2012
Graduated MSc Students
• D. Bonnar, main advisor, 2018
• M. Lakos, W. Alward, I. Bernard, H. Soni, main advisor, 2017
• L. Al-Saadi, main advisor, 2016
• H. Elder, A. Soulat, main advisor, 2015
• M. Balha, A. Kurmanbayev, main advisor G. Cochrane, co-advisor with Corbett (Heriot Watt University), S. Teveldal, co-advisor (hosted for 2 weeks) with Radu (University of Bergen), 2014
• S. van den Bosch, co-advisor as research associate, with Hassanizadeh (Utrecht University), 2012

1. CI: DETECT: Determining the risk of CO2 leakage along fractures of the primary caprock using an integrated monitoring and hydro-mechanical-chemical approach (3 M. EUR, HWU share: 1M EUR, share FD: 400k EUR), European commission, 2017 -2020
2. CI: SECURE: Subsurface Evaluation of Carbon capture and storage and Unconventional Risk (HWU share approx. 500k EUR, share FD: 100k EUR), European Commission, 2017-2020
3. CI: Direct Numerical Simulations for Additive Manufacturing in Porous Media (625k£), EPSRC, 2017-2020
4. CI: Integrating Geomechanical Effects on Multiphase Flow in Multi-Scale Fracture Network Models (170k£, FD: 85k£), Total, 2017-2020
5. PI: Fit for purpose simulator for scale management at production wells (60 k£, FD: 30k£), Energy technology partnership and Foundation CMG, 2016-2019
6. CI: Representing multi-scale aspects in fractured reservoirs (145k£, FD 72.5k£), Total, 2016-2019
7. CI: Petronas Research Cluster (total 490k£, FD: 40k£), Petronas, 2016-2019
8. CI: Enabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe (total 9M EUR, HWU: 316 k£, FD: 126.4 k£), European Research Council (H2020), 2016-2020
9. CI: Quantification of Forecast Reliability Of Reservoir Models Using Ensemble Based Techniques (65k£, FD: 32.5k£), Total, 2016-2019
10. CI: Multiscale Modeling of CO2 Migration and Trapping in Fractured Reservoirs with Validation by Model Comparison and Real-Site Applications (total 580k£, HWU 145k£, FD 72.5k£), US Department of Energy, 2014-2017

Peer Reviewed Publications
1. Castaneda Neto, Doster, Geiger: Water Resources Research, 2018
2. Edwards, Doster, Celia, Bandilla: Environmental Science and Technology. 51, 23, p13779, 2017
3. Guo, Bandilla, Nordbotten, Celia: Keilegavlen, Doster, Water Resources Research. 52, 8, p6490, 2016
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15. Doster, Nordbotten, Celia: Computing and Visualization in Science, 15:147-161, 2012
16. Hilfer, Doster and Zegeling: Vadoze Zone Journal, 11(3), 2012
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19. Doster, Zegeling, Hilfer: Physical Review E 81(3), 036307, 2010
20. Hilfer, R. and Doster, F.: Transport in Porous Media 82(3), 507-519, 2010

Conference Proceedings
1. Wong, Doster, Geiger, Kamp: presented at Third EAGE Workshop on Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Muscat, Oman. DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201800029, 2018
2. Al Ameri, Agada, Elsheikh, Geiger, Doster: presented at 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017 , Paris, France. DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201701479, 2017
3. Castaneda Neto, Elder, Doster, Geiger: SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference, SPE-182646, 2017
4. Doster, Nordbotten: SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium, Vol. 2, p. 742-753, 2015
5. Guo, Bandilla, Keilegavlen, Doster, Celia: Energy Procedia. 63, p. 3523-3531, 2014
Book and Book Chapter
1. Doster, Keilegavlen, Nordbotten: in al Khoury and Bundschuh: Computational Models for CO2 Sequestration and Compressed Air Energy Storage, Taylor & Francis Group/CRC Press, 2014
2. Doster: Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften, ISBN-10: 3838127447, Germany, 2011
Organized Workshops, Sessions and Mini-symposia
• Advances in coupled flow and geomechanical processes fractured porous media; Coupling multi-physic at the pore-scale: experimental and numerical investigation, session chair, Interpore 2018
• PMPM and Interpore UK chapter annual meeting, co-organizer, 2016
• The Pore- to Field-Scale Conundrum: Modelling Multiphase Flow and Transport in Porous Media, session chair, Computational Methods in Water Resources conference, 2016
• IPE40 keynote lecture series, main organizer 2015/2016
• Institute seminar series, initiator and main organizer, hosted more than 80 talks since 2014
• Workshop Roads to Success in Porous Media Research, organizer, Heriot Watt University, 2014
• Flow in Porous Media beyond Darcy, session chair, SIAM Geosciences, 2013
• Persistent problems and modern theories in multiphase flow in porous media, session chair, AGU Fall meeting, 2012-2017

Invited Talks
• Workshop “Validation Approaches For Multiscale Porous Media Models”, Nottingham, UK, 2018
• Seal Integrity Workshop, Geilo, Norway, 2018
• SCIM Conference, 2017, Kumasi, Ghana, 2017
• SIAM Geosciences (had to cancel), Erlangen, Germany, 2018
• Workshop “Modeling and benchmarking flow, transport, and deformation processes in fractured porous media”, Bergen, Norway, 2017
• Seminar series in Earth Sciences, Leeds, 2017
• Modelling Capillary Hysteresis, Darcy Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2016
• Pore-scale Modelling Workshop, Total, Pau, France, 2016
• SIAM Student Chapter Annual Conference, Edinburgh, 2016
• Nupus Conference, Freudenstadt, Germany, 2015
• Gordon Research Conference, Bates College, MA, USA, 2014
• 3rd International conference on Geological Carbon Storage: Meeting the Global Challenge, Geological Society of London and AAPG Europe, London, 2014
• PMPM Annual Meeting, Edinburgh, 2014
• Mini Symposium, SIAM Geoscience, Padova,, Italy, 2013
• Mini Symposium, 5th Interpore Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013
• CASA Colloquium, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2012
• Workshop on Averaging and New Theories in Porous Media Flow, Bergen, Norway, 2010

Academic Citizenship
• Member of School of Energy Geoscience Infrastructure and Society Futures Forum
• HWU contact person in the NUPUS Research Partnership (iNterdisciplinary Union of Porous media research at the University of Stuttgart)
• Member of Interpore UK chapter steering committee (since 2015), member of the Interpore publicity committee (2010-2013), organizer and Interpore P&G Student Poster Award, Interpore (since 2016), awarded Interpore rosette (2017)
• Member of directorate (since 2015) and EERA representative (2015-2017) of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage

Conference Presentations
A total of more than 60 talks and 40 posters at international conferences and workshops since 2006
Reviewer for Scientific Journals, Funding Agencies and Publishers
Adv. in Wat. Resources, Transport in Porous Media, Vadose Zone Journal, Water Resources Research, Proc. Nat. Academy of Science, J. Eng. Math, AIChe, Int. J. for Greenhouse Gas Control, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, J. Nat. Gas Sci. Eng, Comp Geoscience
Technology Foundations STW (The Netherlands), ACS PRF (US), CRC Press, Member of EPSRC college

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Academic member