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Eduardo Garcia is a mechanical engineer who currently works under the supervision of Prof. Hao Liu for his Ph.D. studies at the Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies Research Group in the University of Nottingham. His research activities investigate the behaviour of coal and biomass blends under co-combustion conditions in a bubbling fluidized bed. Among others, experimental activities encompass the use of spent coffee grounds for blending with coal and the use of ilmenite as an additive or alternative bed material to study its potential for decreasing agglomeration tendency.

Eduardo Holds an M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the National University of Colombia, his master dissertation focused on obtaining fuel gas from biomass gasification in a fixed bed reactor. After spending a couple of years working for thermal equipment manufacturing companies in Colombia, Eduardo gained experience in thermal equipment design, then moved to the academia sector to work as a research assistant for America University for 2 years and Libre University in Colombia for 3 years.

A number of grants and training scholarships for sustainable development and renewable energy have been awarded to Eduardo from DAAD – Germany, MASHAV program – Israel. The Energy Research Institute (TERI) - India, Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Colombia ( COLCIENCIAS) - Colombia. The Newton Fund - UK. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Most of his research interests lay on the decrease of pollutant emissions from the use of energetic resources (coal, biomass, and wastes) in heat and power generation systems by efficiency and reliability improvements in gasification, combustion or oxy-fuel combustion of single fuels or their blends to contribute to the uptake of low carbon technologies.

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