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Professor Dianne Wiley is currently Capture Program Manager for the CO2CRC where she has responsibility for capture and economics research and field facilities. Prior to that she held posts at UNSW Australia as Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Research and Acting Dean for the Faculty of Engineering. She is an international expert in techno-economic assessment of technologies for carbon capture and storage as well as a world-leader in design, optimization and control of membrane systems for water and wastewater treatment. She played a key role in developing membrane research with the dairy and minerals processing industries in Australia. She is co-developer of the membrane sample preparation technique in a commercialized system for real-time monitoring of wastewater. She is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Chemist.

Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC)
Job title: 
Program Manager (CO2 Capture)
Member type: 
Associate member