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David is a Chartered Engineer with 30 years of experience in the energy sector, most recently engaged in developing carbon abatement technologies at BG Group, including CCS, for the last decade. This has included CCS evaluation studies in Thailand, Tunisia, Kazakhstan and Australia, life cycle analysis of gas supply chains with CCS (inc. unconventional gas), and development of a CCSU research programme in Brazil.

More recently, David has led establishment of the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI), the first institute of its kind, leading and integrating science, engineering, technology, and policy research in the field of natural gas sustainability. David also supports a number of leading international CCS programmes, participating on the Executive Committee and/or PAC of the IEA GHG Programme, the Gulf Coast Carbon Centre (US) and CO2CRC (Australia).

David has an MBA from Warwick Business School, a post graduate diploma in Strategic Marketing (CIM), and a first class honours degree in Fuel and Energy Engineering from the University of Leeds.

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Associate member, Independent Advisory Panel