Professor of Geochemistry, Ocean & Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton, University of Southampton, European Way, Southampton, SO14-3ZH, UK

Director of Research, Ocean & Earth Science, University of Southampton,

Deputy Director (Research), Southampton Marine & Maritime Institute, University of Southampton.

Royal Society Wolfson Foundation Merit Award (2014-2018)

Mineral carbonation and carbon capture and storage; Unconventional carbon capture and storage; Environmental effects of/on submarine HVDC interconnectors; Autonomous systems and sensors; Hydrothermal alteration in mid-ocean ridges and ophiolites; Modeling of fluid-rock tracer exchange; Global chemical cycles; Radiogenic isotope and trace element analysis; Active analogs of ore mineralization; Metamorphogenic gold deposits; Hydrothermal fluids and deformation; Health effects of atmospheric particles;

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Professor of Geochemistry
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Academic member