Dr Claudia Fernandez-Martin is Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, staff member of the Materials and Chemical Engineering Research Group. She has over 10 years’ experience in carbon capture processes and in the development of low-cost adsorbents for CO2 capture.

Dr Fernandez-Martin's expertise ranges from the synthesis and characterisation of sorbents, to the measurements of the CO2 adsorption and selectivity at equilibrium conditions, and the study of the cyclic capture performance of gas mixtures within real dynamic process conditions. Thus, Claudia's research experience is linked with the exciting field of the dynamic CO2 capture measurements in purpose-built fixed-beds by means of adsorption-desorption cycles by either changing the temperature (TSA) or the pressure (PSA), or the combination of both (PTSA).
Dr Fernandez-Martin has worked developing and characterizing a wide range of materials including resins-based activated carbons; low density organic polymers; recyclable biomass residues; amine-impregnated silicas; polymeric membranes, etc. for the separation of CO2 at post and pre-combustion conditions. Her research interests are also focused on the transformation of residues into new forms of valuable and useful materials for carbon capture.
Dr. Fernandez-Martin is currently involved in various local, national and international academic and industrial projects which aimed at recycling and valorisation of a broad range of residues to be converted in added-value materials for gas separation applications, and on sustainable materials for gas separation, energy conversion and storage.

Further info: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/engineering/people/profiles/cfmartin

Research Grants & Awards
• The Universities UK International (UUKi) Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grants programme, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). ‘Sustainable Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage’. Total Fund: £148,500.
• The Leverhulme Trust-Doctoral Scholarships: ‘Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Materials’. Contributor and academic member of its PGRs’ supervisory team. Total Fund: £1,050,000.
• GCRF-IPPF Nov 17. ‘Production of bioenergy and smart materials from palm tree waste in Malaysia’. Total Fund: £9,850.
• ETP (Energy Technology Partnership) International Exchange Award 2017. Total Fund: £3,000.
• University of Aberdeen, School of Engineering Competitive Call for Fully Funded PhD Studentships. May 2017-May 2020. Total Fund: £55,000.
• Scottish Founding Council: ‘Waste Recycling’. July 2015-Jan 2016. Role: Principal Investigator (PI). Total Fund: £5,000.
• Scottish Founding Council: ‘Plastic Solid Waste (PSW). Recycling Design: new products and employment for people with disabilities in the Scottish Highlands’. March 2015- June 2016. Role: Principal Investigator (PI). Total Fund: £5,000.
• Development Trust Equipment Fund, 2015. Total Fund: £28,000.
• University of Aberdeen, School of Engineering, Research and Teaching Enhancement 2016. Total Fund: £1,260.
• Santander Mobility Awards 2016 & 2017. Total Fund £500, and £1,000, respectively.
• British Council, Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership Programme. ‘Energy challenges and rural development in the context of climate change’. Total Fund: £1,100.

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Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
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Academic member