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Dr Chih-Wei Lin received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London in 2014. His research focused on the measurement of thermophysical properties for industrial fluids and metrology, including applied thermodynamics, and apparatus/sensor development under extreme high temperature, high pressure conditions. During his PhD, he measured sound velocity and density of industrial fluids, such as CO2, HFP, HFPO and water under extreme conditions. After he finished his experimental work at Imperial College London, in May 2013 he went to work as a PDRA at Heriot-Watt University’s Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage. His job there was to design and lead two experimental works for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) CCS Innovation Programme COMET – (Coriolis Metering Technology in CO2 Transportation for CCS) and Performance of Flow Meters with Dense Phase CO2 and CCS Recovery Streams (UKCCSRC).

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Academic member, Early Career Researcher