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Dr Sun received his PhD in applied chemistry and chemical technology from the University of Strathclyde in 2001. He then moved to the University of Nottingham, first as a research fellow and then since 2006, as senior research fellow. In 2009 he joined Doosan Babcock Energy in Renfrew, Scotland as senior engineer, undertaking industrial R & D projects in the general field of clean fossil energy technologies and related energy policy and emissions legislation, with particular focuses on carbon capture technologies and multi-pollutants control. In early 2013, he was appointed to his current position of Lecturer in Clean Fossil Energy Technologies at the University of Nottingham. Dr Sun also serves as the MSc programme director of Midland Energy Graduate School (MEGS) and the UK associate director of International Doctoral Innovation Centre (IDIC) at Nottingham's Ningbo campus.

Expertise Summary

Dr Sun has worked in the general field of clean fuel and energy technologies for nearly 20 years, with comprehensive research expertise on clean fossil & biomass fuel technologies, fluidized beds, catalysis & adsorption materials, activated carbon materials, and source apportionment and environmental process diagnostic studies of persistent environmental contaminants. He also has considerable industrial research experience as senior engineer at the Global R & D Centre of Doosan Babcock Energy, where he participated in the world's then largest demonstration of 40MWth oxy-fuel firing system. His current research areas include development of solid adsorbents looping technology for pre- and post-combustion carbon capture, oxy-fuel combustion, integrated process for multi-pollutant control (e.g. SOx, NOx, Hg and As etc.), and carbon materials for advanced technologies.

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