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Bill Senior is an independent consultant specialising in Carbon Capture and Storage. 

He has worked for the European Commission, UK Government, ADB, BP, National Grid, Mott MacDonald and other consultancies. His main expertise is in CCS project development, geological storage and policy/regulation. His experience with CCS projects has included various options in the UK, Algeria (In Salah), China (NZEC and Guangdong) and Indonesia. He was a Lead Author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on CCS contributing to the chapters on geological storage and economics. He was a co-author of guidance documents for implementation of the European CCS Directive. He has written a review of industry potential for geological storage in the UK and a report on CO2 leakage risk for DECC. He was an advisor to DECC on the first stage of the second UK CCS Competition. Subsequently he was an advisor on CO2 storage to Capture Power on the White Rose Project.

Bill spent 32 years with BP in business and technology roles covering alternative energy, exploration and production and gas. He was BP’s first technology manager for carbon capture and storage technology and subsequently a Senior Advisor in BP Alternative Energy. His earlier career experience in petroleum geology and upstream oil business underpins expertise in geological storage.  Bill was also seconded to the UK government‘s International Climate Change team during the G8 and EU presidencies between 2004-2006.  He has worked in Europe, USA, SE Asia, China and Russia. He has a degree in geology from Oxford University.

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