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I am a postgraduate research student within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton. The research area for my current PhD thesis is within the field of underground geological storage of CO2.

What is currently preventing a number of Carbon sequestration projects being introduced are concerns about CO2 leaking through the overlying sediment and into the ocean or atmosphere. My PhD thesis looks to characterise the permeability and structure of onshore and offshore fluid-escape structures which are commonly observed to overly suitable CO2 storage sites, which may act as CO2 migration pathways within the sub-surface. My work will contribute to two international CCS research projects, STEM-CCS (WP3-Leakage Pathways through the overburden) and CHIMNEY.

I attended the IEAGHG's 2017 International CCS Summer School.

2012-2016: Master of Science (MSci) in Geology with First Class Honours, University of Southampton
(Award for obtaining the highest graduating aggregate mark of 78%).

Masters (MSci) thesis: Mineral carbonation of Basalt rock for permanent CO2 storage. The research focused on basalt core 3D pore network visualisation and quantification using X-ray micro computed tomography (CT), in order to quantify the CO2 storage potential of a basalt rock reservoir, as part of the CarbFix Project. Supervisor: Dr Juerg Matter

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