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Dr Andrew W. Cox - Manager, Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research

Andrew Cox was born and initially educated in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

He obtained a BSc in Environmental Science from King’s College, London [1981] – followed by a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London [1982].

In 1987 he was awarded a PhD (Thesis: “Future Strategies for Coal in the United Kingdom”) from the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dr Cox was a Research Fellow at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham for five years – conducting research into the future of coal in the UK.

Between 1990 and 1995 Dr Cox was a Director of Coal Information and Consultancy Services Ltd.
Work included a wide range of consultancy projects [including coal utilisation, coal mining economic studies and material handling contracts at various UK and international locations].
He was also the Editor of the monthly trade newsletter “UK Coal Review”.

Since May 1995 Dr Cox has managed an independent energy and environmental consultancy business – trading as Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research [based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom – shown above].

This business specialises in consultancy work in the coal and energy sectors in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

Recent consultancy and project work has included climate change and related environmental issues; carbon capture and storage; coal to liquids technologies; clean coal technologies; and various coal mining economic projects [including virtual reality training opportunities in mining].

Clients have included various companies, UK local authorities, the European Commission and the World Bank.

Dr Cox has been an expert witness at 30 public inquiries in the UK – presenting evidence on coal quality and economic issues concerning a range of surface mine planning applications.

Since the late-1980s Dr Cox has written a wide range of energy and environmental publications - - including a book on the impacts of surface coal mining [“Digging Up Trouble”].

Since the mid-1990s, he has also been a visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London – as well as a trainer on a range of coal technology CPD courses in the UK and other countries.

Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research
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