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Dr Paluszny has a PhD in Computational Geomechanics from Imperial College (2008). She was a Post-doc at the Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral Recovery, Imperial College (2009-2013). Since late 2013 she is a Research Fellow at Imperial College. Dr Paluszny's research focusses on understanding how fractures grow, interact, deform and interact with flow using computational methods. Fracture simulation is instrumental in the success of a range of technologies including CO2 sequestration, fracking, deep/difficult mining, and reservoir engineering; as well as civil, mechanical, and bio-engineering. I develop new computational methods to realistically model fractures in subsurface rocks, including the geomechanical simulation of fracture growth, the generation of topologically and geometrically robust fracture patterns, as well as modelling realistic aperture distributions and flow in fractured porous media. Deformation of the rocks is solved using the finite element method using tetrahedral meshes, which in the computational solid mechanics community constitutes a ‘non-orthodox’ method to compute energy concentrations around fracture tips. These energy concentrations, measured as stress intensity factors, are decomposed to predict mesh-independent direction and extent of growth. This research has resulted in the development of a proprietary geomechanics toolkit, developed in C++, which realistically models growth for a range of scales and scenarios.

Recent publications directly related to Fracture Propagation and Permeability of Fractured Rock include: 

  • PS Lang, A Paluszny, RW Zimmerman (2014) Permeability tensor of three‐dimensional fractured porous rock and a comparison to trace map predictions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 119 (8), 6288-6307. 
  • A Paluszny, RW Zimmerman (2011) Numerical simulation of multiple 3D fracture propagation using arbitrary meshes. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 200 (9), 953-966. 
  • HM Nick, A Paluszny, MJ Blunt, SK Matthai (2011) Role of geomechanically grown fractures on dispersive transport in heterogeneous geological formations. Physical Review E 84 (5), 056301.

Recent publications directly related to CCS include:

  • S Iglauer, A Paluszny, CH Pentland, MJ Blunt (2011) Residual CO2 imaged with X‐ray micro‐tomography. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(21).
  • MJ Blunt, B Bijeljic, H Dong, O Gharbi, S Iglauer, P Mostaghimi, A Paluszny, C Pentland (2013) Pore-scale imaging and modelling, Advances in Water Resources 51, 197-216.
  • S Iglauer, A Paluszny, MJ Blunt (2013) Simultaneous oil recovery and residual gas storage: A pore-level analysis using in situ X-ray micro-tomography, Fuel, 103, 905-914.


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