Business Developers' Platform

Launching at the start of 2014, the Business Developers' Platform is an initiative of the Centre for facilitating funding, business and commercial opportunities for Members.

The BD Platform provides Members with a mechanism to ensure that their CCS research capacity is included and represented within the Business Development activities of the Centre. The Platform brings together a range of Business Development staff (aka BDEs or BDMs) that support CCS in the Members’ Universities and Research Centres. It provides a focal way for the Centre to keep these BD staff -  and the Members - abreast of a wide spectrum of CCS research opportunities.

What's in it for the Members?

The BD Platform will be using a range of communication channels such as mailings, teleconferences, webinars, meetings, etc. to inform Members (or/and their BD staff ) of CCS opportunities such as research funding, general or specific commercial enquiries, potential tenders &/or calls for expression of interest regarding contracted research, use of facilities or other mechanisms to leverage UK CCS capability. At the same time, Members and their BD staff are encouraged to publicise and promote the Member’s achievements, current activities and expertise and potential to ensure that this is included in the Centre’s inventory of the UK's academic CCS capability and resources.

How does work?

Members nominate up to three Business Developers (BDs) who support CCS at their institute (and/or other CCS-coordinating organisation to which they belong) to participate in the BD Platform. Alternatively (or additionally), Members may wish to nominate themselves. The Secretariat manages the platform for the whole Centre Membership. As the Platform develops, depending on uptake numbers, we hope to be able to develop more targeted groupings in the Platform that are organised by sector or theme. In the near future, we plan to have face to face kick-off meetings, which could be sector- or region-specific. Regular teleconferences, webinars or meetings will allow updates by participants and the Centre. The Secretariat will feed through information on opportunities - for example, procedures for expressions of interest, tenders or invited sandpits, etc. We will collate both web-based and offline databases and activity/resource/facilities summaries that their BD staff contribute.

For further information, please contact Bruce Adderley, Executive Manager at [email protected]