Associate Membership Directory

Kampman, Niko Shell Global Solutions International
Kelman, Mark Consulting
Kelsall, Greg Alstom
Kemper, Jasmin IEAGHG
Kita, Jun RITE (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth)
Klinkhammer, Ruth CMC Research Institutes
Knight, Katherine Jennifer Atkins
Krishnaswamy, Srinivas BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
Lancaster, Glen Thyson Technology Limited
Land, Martin URS Infrastructure & Environment
Lawal, Adekola Process Systems Enterprise Limited
Leamon, Gregory Smart Designs
Lee, Malcolm
Lentell, Dan Professional Institute of Pipeline Engineers
Lewis, Mark Teesside (NEPIC)
Livesey, Bryony Costain
Lockwood, Toby IEA Clean Coal Centre
Maas, Wilfried Shell
Macdonald, Iain Imperial College London
Mackay, Don SEPA
Mackler, Sasha Summit Power Group
Magneschi, Guido Global CCS Institute
Mahinpey, Nader University of Calgary
Malavazos, Michael Government of South Australia
Mallows , Tom The Crown Estate
Mansouri, Mohammad
Masson, Will National Grid Carbon
McBride-Wright, Mark Grantherne
McGough, Gordon SSE plc
McSorley, Jacqueline Axis Well Technology