Associate Membership

Associate Membership of the UK CCS Research Centre is open to all who have a professional interest in working with, or professionally interacting with Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK including industry, government, CCS organisations and overseas academics.

You can opt to subscribe to the UKCCSRC mailing list so that you can receive the monthly newsletter and information of news and events relevant to CCS and you also have the option of including your profile in our online Members Directory. Further benefits include the chance to reach our wide ranging CCS community by posting jobs, opportunities and events on our website.

The UKCCSRC Secretariat will respond to your membership form enquiry as soon as possible and provide you with further information where relevant. You are also welcome to contact us directly at

Data Protection for UKCCSRC Members

When you apply for UKCCSRC membership you will need to submit personal data as part of the application process.

If you opt to have your profile included in the Members Directory the information you enter in the biography section of this application will be made public as part of your member profile page. Your profile will also include your name and institution.

Information in the “UKCCSRC info only” section of the application can only be accessed by you and the UKCCSRC Secretariat and will not be shared with third parties without express permission.

You can also subscribe to the mailing list via your application form. We use this list for our monthly newsletter and to send occasional bulletins about UKCCSRC funding calls and UKCCSRC events. You can unsubscribe from this list using the link at the bottom of every newsletter.