Academic membership of the Centre will normally be open to all UK academics named as investigators on RCUK grants for CCS research, or CCS grants from other sources (e.g. EU, InnovateUK, DECC) whose outputs can be publicly shared and contributed to the UKCCSRC. Membership will last for the period of the contributed grant plus 3 years. Project funders other than the Research Councils or DECC may be required to confirm that this linkage with UKCCSRC is acceptable. Membership will also be extended to individuals who may not hold grants but have published 3 papers on their CCS research in academic journals in the past 5 years.

Early career researchers who have a PhD in CCS or have worked for at least a year on a CCS research project can also become a member on this basis for a period of 3 years from the start of their first academic appointment.

Associate membership of the Centre is for non-academics working in CCS.

Network membership is open to everyone with an interest in CCS. 

Academic members
Associate members