Jen Roberts
I am a Chancellor’s Fellow in Energy, which is a research-facing Lectureship position. My research is interdisciplinary and applied, and addresses the social and environmental risk of geological resources – often relating to CCS. These risks vary from the very specific or technical-facing, to broad and societal-facing, and the range of risks and impacts and decision-making processes in-between. Ultimately my work aims to inform how the necessary transition to a net zero carbon future can be implemented in a way that is acceptable to society and to the environment. Key CCS Research The study of natural and industrial analogues, and lab and field experiments to understand CO2 leakage, including leak mitigation and leak quantitation; CO2 emission and storage accounting; the perception, assessment and communication of risks relating to CCS; the role of CCS in delivering net-zero future.
United Kingdom
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University of Strathclyde