Humbul Suleman
Dr. Humbul Suleman joined Teesside University as a lecturer in Chem Eng in March 2020. Previously, he was involved in teaching and research for 11 years, working at various universities across Pakistan, Malaysia, Denmark and Switzerland. He has completed two post-doctoral trainings from Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) as a PI on a MSCA/Horizon 2020 project and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Malaysia) as a key researcher on YUTP project. Before that, he had his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Malaysia) in 2016. Humbul aspires to help industrial and business sector in achieving their decarbonisation goals by developing cutting-edge research solutions in the field of carbon capture and utilization for downstream processing, waste gas valorization and carbon-neutral fuels. He is currently working to develop a new class of bio-materials that can absorb carbon dioxide from air at room conditions. Earlier, he has worked on industrial and research projects related to industrial carbon capture by chemical absorption. His research was funded across the timeline by MSCA/ Horizon 2020, Yayasan UTP, PETRONAS Research, UTP STIRF, Royal Danish Academy and P.A. Fiskers Fund.
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