Ben Petrovic
Ben Petrovic is a current doctoral researcher at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Brunel University London. He obtained a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University where for 6 months he studied the optimisation of post-combustion CO2 capture from a combined-cycle gas turbine power plant via Taguchi design of experiment. The project involved the modelling, simulation and optimisation of an amine-based absorption capture unit to process the flue gas of a 600 MW NGCC power plant. Upon graduation he was granted an EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership PhD Studentship. His PhD (October 2019-present) involves the utilisation of biomass combustion ash in the removal of CO2 from biomass combustion plants. With the intent to reveal the feasibility of a niche, in-situ process based on novel and cost-effective adsorbents for CO2 capture.
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