Andrew Wright
I graduated from UMIST in 2003 with an MEng in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in modelling adsorption processes. I subsequently joined Air Products where I spent 4 years developing new adsorbents and process cycles at pilot-scale before implementing them into commercial air separation plants. My next role was to improve Air Products’ CO2 capture technologies including sorption-enhanced water-gas-shift (SEWGS) and a new H2 pressure-swing-adsorption process for sour syngas. In addition to these, I also led the onsite team piloting an oxy-coal CO2 capture process at Vattenfall’s 30 MWth test facility in Germany. In 2013, I joined Air Products’ operations team at Tees Valley, starting up a first-of-its-kind plasma gasification waste-to-energy facility designed to convert 950 tpd of municipal solid waste to 50 MWe. Since 2016, I have been working with industry and academia as an independent researcher looking at improving the modelling of adsorption processes and dealing with scale-up issues with these units going from laboratory experiments to commercial designs. My primary projects have focussed on medical oxygen concentrators and pre-combustion CO2 capture. I have also been sought out as a consultant on novel waste-to-energy projects.
United Kingdom
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