Meei Mei (Nicole) Gui
Dr Gui currently a Lecturer (education) in Chemical Engineering in Queen’s University Belfast. She graduated with Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Monash University in 2015 and subsequently worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia from 2015-2017. Her research career till date have been focused on the synthesis of renewable energy such as hydrogen fuel and biodiesel, low-temperature adsorption of carbon dioxide and conversion of carbon dioxide into other useful chemical compounds. She has completed a PhD dissertation in a research project on photoreduction of carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon compounds under visible light irradiation. She has also published several research articles reported on carbon dioxide capture and utilisation on international peer-reviewed journals. Her research interests focus on researching new innovation in sustainable fuel synthesis and consumption with respect to ‘zero-carbon emission fuel’ concept. She is currently working on solar-assisted synthesis of hydrogen fuel and utilisation of carbon dioxide.
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Cross Cutting Issues: CO2 Utilisation