The UKCCSRC International Engagement Strategy names Norway as a priority country for international engagement activites. Norway has existing offshore CO2 injection projects at Sleipner and Snohvit, and the Norwegian government has committed to moving forward with three CO2 capture projects at; Yara, the world's largest ammonia production company; Norcem, Norway's sole cement producer; and Oslo's waste management and energy recovery CCS project Klemetsrud.


NCCS is a Centre for Environmently-friendly Energy Research which will, through research, ensure that Norway remains an international leader in CCS. NCCS kicked-off in November 2016 and has already collaborated with UKCCSRC, and other international partners, to host a hugely successful international networking event at the flagship CCS conference, GHGT-13, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

International Research Collaboration Fund

The International Research Collaboration Fund provides a funding mechanism for UKCCSRC Academic Members wishing to undertake a research collaboration with a CCS organisation overseas. This fund has already suported CCS collaborations with institutions in Norway e.g. at the Chemical Engineering Department, NTNU.

Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

The UKCCSRC ECR International Exchange Fund has provided a funding mechanism for ECRs planning visits to CCS organisations based in Norway (and around the world). To date, this fund has been used to fund a visit to the University of Stavanger by an ECR member of the Centre.


The UKCCSRC Call 1 project ‘ CO2 storage in Paleogene and Neogene hydrogeological systems of the North Sea: preparation for an IODP scientific drilling bid ’ has achieved considerable success...


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My name is Monica Garcia and I am in the final stage of my PhD, in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, at the University of Surrey. My research...
Written by Hayley Vosper from BGS, whose attendance at the UKCCSRC Strathclyde Biannual Meeting was supported by the ECR Meeting Fund . The session on International CCS consisted of six...
Written by Dr Carolina Font Palma from the University of Chester who received funding from the third call of the ECR International Exchange Fund to visit the University of Stavanger,...