International post-combustion capture retrofit workshop

International post-combustion capture retrofit workshop held in Sheffield, 9-12 April 2019

CCUS specialists from the UK CCS Research Centre and the University of Sheffield’s PACT facilities together with Bechtel (US), TNO (NL), Test Centre Mongstad (Norway) and the Universities of Edinburgh and Leeds contributed to an international workshop on post-combustion capture (PCC) retrofit.  Together with application experts from China, Ireland, South Africa and Thailand, the workshop examined past open-access PCC studies and potential future practical applications from across the world.

Drawing on a range of information available from large scale projects studied and built to date globally, and the extensive personal experience of the workshop attendees, possible approaches for a range of potential future PCC retrofit projects were discussed. Detailed open-access design information that can be shared freely is a key tool in progressing CCUS and a detailed FEED study for Gassnova by Bechtel using generic 35% MEA as the solvent was recently made available, following expiry of non-disclosure agreements, to contribute to this workshop.

As global interest in CCUS grows to meet demanding COemission reduction targets this type of collaborative open-technology workshop could help to build the necessary capacity in the global CCUS community to meet very challenging future targets for wide-scale deployment.


Attendees at the workshop
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