Wang, Gang


Gang Wang is the first Bicentennial Research Leader at the newly founded Net-Zero Global Research Institute (iNetZ+) at Heriot-Watt University, where he also serves as an Assistant Professor in the Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering. Prior to his tenure-track position, Dr Wang was a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow and worked on underground H2 storage. He obtained his PhD in CCUS and MSc in Reservoir Evaluation and Management from Heriot-Watt University. He also worked as a Reservoir Engineer at CNPC. His primary research focuses on using numerical simulations to address knowledge gaps surrounding the multiscale, multiphysics processes involved in subsurface gas storage (H2, CH4, CO2). He has produced multiple high-impact publications on this topic. He collaborates closely with industry partners across Europe and the UK to develop real-world solutions for field-scale subsurface H2 storage.

Michael is a third year PhD student at Imperial College London focusing on oxygen carrier development for chemical looping applications under the supervision of Professor Paul Fennell and Dr Kyra Sedransk Campbell. His focus is the rational design of oxygen carriers by developing synthesis-structure-performance relationships through rigorous chemical and physical characterisation techniques.

Catrin is a second year PhD student in the subsurface CO2 research group, part of the Earth Science and Engineering department at Imperial College London. Catrin’s project uses the latest in petrophysical and digital rock core technology to improve our understanding of the impact of heterogeneity on capillary trapping of CO2 in the subsurface.