What We Do – Engagement

Engage and inform external stakeholders

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The UKCCSRC acts as a focal point for CCS in the UK, meaning it is in a position to have high-level strategic conversations with funders, regulators and industry on behalf of the community.

Members of the UKCCSRC Management Team regularly participate in government and other committees, evidentiary enquiries and working groups. Most recently our management team have been active in the BEIS CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce, CCUS Council and Mission Innovation. We’ve contributed to a BAT Review for CCS-related technologies, feeding into the Environment Agency’s BAT guidance.  Keep an eye on our news page for details of any policy, funder and regulator developments.

We also recognise the importance of the general public in the road to CCS deployment. Our core research will work with key stakeholders (e.g. government, industry, NGOs and the public) to better understand the key issues and identify priorities in establishing CCS within the energy system, and to help build the necessary foundations to establish a social licence to operate CCS in the UK.

In addition, we also run events for government, funders and regulators. Our CPD-style seminars, CCUS for Net Zero, were run exclusively for government/regulator employees and our ECR members, for those people who might be newer to working in CCS policy, or keen to familiarise themselves with a different area of research. The workshop resource page features recordings as well as presentation slides on a range of topics.