Emerging Techniques for Hydrogen Production with Carbon Capture (Environment Agency guidance and review)

The Environment Agency, on behalf of the UK environmental regulators, has today published guidance and a supporting evidence review on GOV.UK for ‘emerging techniques for hydrogen production with carbon capture’.

This review details the key environmental issues to address and information about best practice available for those hydrogen production with carbon dioxide capture options which operators most likely to apply for. The guidance outlines design, operational and management processes and procedures that they expect operators to follow, or to propose an equivalent approach, in order to ensure that risk of harm to the environment and communities is minimised.

The guidance is for:

  • Operators when designing their plants and preparing their application for an environmental permit
  • Environmental regulators when setting conditions in environmental permits
  • Any other organisation or members of the public who want to understand how the environmental regulations and standards are being applied

Access the documents here:


Environment Agency Publications - Guidance