Apply to become a member of the UKCCSRC ECR Working Group

UKCCSRC ECR Working Group

Your chance to be part of our new UKCCSRC ECR Working Group!

Applications open: 27th January 2021

Applications close: 1pm 15th February 2021

Timeline: Applicants can expect to receive an outcome on their application by 22nd February 2021


The UKCCSRC is developing its ECR programme.  Based on feedback from our ECR community, during 2021 we intend to deliver a series of events and activities to support ECRs, by enhancing skills and providing opportunities to build networks.  The ECR Working Group will help to steer the programme and organise ECR events, and will be involved in supporting the strategic direction of the UKCCSRC. Members of the ECR Working Group will also represent the UKCCSRC ECR community as part of the Advisory Council.

Aim of the group: To provide a voice for ECRs within the UKCCSRC community and to shape the ECR programme.

What it will involve:

  • ECR programme planning meetings with the UKCCSRC Secretariat (no more than once a month)
  • Membership of the UKCCSRC Advisory Council as a representative of the UKCCSRC ECR community. The first meeting will take place 24th February 10am-12pm.
  • Take an active role in organising and participating in the ECR Awaydays
  • A written biography for the UKCCSRC website

What could the ECR programme cover?

  • Training and development opportunities on any relevant skill set; including career planning, media training, grant writing, linking with other research centres – whatever would help support our ECRs!

Terms and conditions:

  • Applicants must be a UKCCSRC ECR member
  • ECR Member eligibility will be checked (main criterion is that the applicants are still eligible for the EPSRC New Investigators Award)
  • Membership of the ECR Working Group will be a 6-12 months commitment
  • Applicants will need to provide a letter of support from their supervisor
  • Attendance at Advisory Council meetings (these will take place every 6 months)
  • In the case that there are a competitive number of applications, representatives will be limited to 1 ECR from each institution

Assessment process:

  • The applications will be peer reviewed by the ECR community following the application deadline
  • Once the deadline for applications has passed the UKCCSRC ECR community will be notified and the proposals will be available for review via the UKCCSRC website
  • UKCCSRC ECR members will be able to select their top 2 proposals
  • The number of applicants invited to join the working group will depend on the quality of applications and will be subject to the outcome of the peer review process (between 3-5 members)
  • The UKCCSRC reserves the absolute right to interpret these rules and make final appointment decisions

The deadline for applications has now passed.