UKCCSRC ECR CCS Communication Competition

ECR CCS Communication Competition 2021


Deadline for entry submission: 2pm, Wednesday 15th September
UKCCSRC Advisory Council & ECR members can vote on entries until Monday 1st November 3pm

The UKCCSRC invites applications to the latest ECR CCS Communications competition, to create a short video to communicate CCS research to a lay audience. Winning entries will be showcased on the UKCCSRC website, YouTube channel and promoted through the UKCCSRC social media channels.


  • A short video (3-5 minutes) communicating a general or more specific area of CCS research: this can be your own area of research or a different area within CCS

See below for supporting resources, conditions and assessment process, and application form.

Examples of topics that could be covered in your video, thinking of what lay audiences may benefit from learning more about around CCS (please note you are not limited to these topics):

  • What is carbon capture and storage?
  • Is CCS safe?
  • Can CCS achieve net zero goals?
  • What are the main CCS techniques?
  • How is CO2 captured?
  • What is a MOF and what’s it for?
  • What’s an amine and what does it do in CCS?
  • How do you store captured CO2?
  • What is sandstone and what’s the significance for storing CO2?
  • How deep must CO2 be buried?
  • How is CO2 transported?
  • What is CO2 shipping?

Our winning video entries

Winning entry from Michael High
Runners up: Chris de Leeuwe and Chinonyelum Udemu
Read More: call details

Terms and Conditions


  • Video to be uploaded to YouTube for submission (and easy viewing for reviewers), as unlisted (not public or private) – please include the link in your entry form, below
  • Applicants must be a UKCCSRC ECR member
  • Please ensure you have support/permission from your supervisor
  • ECRs are only eligible for one continued professional development (CPD) bursary but can submit more than one entry
  • ECRs can submit a joint video (the CPD bursary will be shared equally between the ECRs involved if that video is one of the top three highest scoring videos)
  • ECR Member eligibility will be checked (main criterion is that the applicants are still eligible for the EPSRC New Investigator Award)
  • Up to three CPD bursaries (£500 each) available to the three highest scoring videos

Assessment Process:

  • Deadline for applications will be 2pm on Wednesday 15th September
  • The applications will be peer reviewed by the ECR community following closure of the competition (50%)
  • Applications will also be assessed by the UKCCSRC Advisory Council (50%)
  • Once the deadline for applications has passed, the UKCCSRC ECR community will be notified and the submitted videos will be available for review
  • UKCCSRC ECR members will be able to select their top 3 videos
  • The UKCCSRC reserves the absolute right to interpret these rules and make final award decisions
  • Applicants can expect to hear an outcome by 30th September 2021

Resources supporting this competition call

ECR Awayday 30th June 2021: making your research accessible to a lay audience

Slides and recordings from the Awayday are available below.


What questions need answering? An SEO perspective

How to use Google to find the questions (and phrasing) users are asking about CCS research, from UKCCSRC Comms Officer, Victoria Giordano-Bibby