Dr Owain Tucker

Owain Tucker is the Global Deployment Leader for CCS & CCUS in Shell. In this role he supports the delivery of the storage aspects of CCS projects and is responsible for leading teams who appraise storage; technical assurance; integration; technology maturation; helping to shape the CCS research agenda; and the development of competences and capacity within Shell. He worked directly on the maturation of the Goldeneye CO2 store in the UK North Sea for over six years and lead the sequestration team who delivered the storage permit application and Storage development plan. He represents Shell in global taskforces which focus on the development of CCS and low carbon fuels and co-chairs: the SPE group developing a Storage Resource Maturation System, the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative group on Storage Resources, and also the ZEP taskforce on Transport & Storage business models.

In previous roles Owain worked in Shell as a reservoir engineer, economist and eBusiness consultant; and at McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant. He read Physics and Geophysics at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa; and holds a D.Phil in experimental solid state physics from the University of Oxford

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