Cross Cutting Projects

Work Package C1: Social licence to operate

CCS has been identified as a key element of the UK’s options for reducing its CO 2 emissions and will be essential for carbon dioxide removal using BECCS. However, progress in bringing the approach to commercial deployment has not matched its potential. This work package will work with key stakeholders (e.g. government, industry, NGOs, lay publics etc.) to better understand the key issues and identify priorities in establishing CCS within the UK energy system and to help build the necessary foundations to establish a social license to operate CCS in the UK.

Work Package CA1: BECCS within the energy system

In order to meet the Paris climate target, we need to remove significant amounts of CO 2 from the atmosphere, with bioenergy + CCS (BECCS) considered a promising option. However, sustainable biomass is a scarce resource, and must be used in the best manner possible. This work will study how biomass can optimally be used to both remove CO 2 from the atmosphere and simultaneously provide renewable energy services.

Work Package CAB1: Cross cutting value of CCS

This work serves as an integrating effort across the three main themes of Capture, Storage and Systems & Policy. We explore the social, technical, and economic barriers and advantages associated with the large-scale deployment of CCS in the UK’s energy system and will provide insight as to how CCS can best be deployed to maximise value to the UK’s economy.
Capture Projects

Storage Projects