UKCCSC Theme F – Dissemination

Leader: Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh

Outreach, inreach, and communication of results are fundamental to the UKCCS. These will be organised by different means, including website, advisory panels, technical and public meetings, and printed materials. The intended audience includes: UKERC, members of other TSEC projects, UK and world scientific communities, industries, NGO’s, media, regulators and other decision makers. This activity will focus upon dissemination to, and feedback from, the above audiences and hence will be distinct from the social science-led engagement of stakeholders and analyses of social processes. There would, however, be close coordination and a mutually beneficial interaction between this activity and the stakeholder analyses.

E-mail list and use of existing networks:

Numerous networks already exist for CO2 storage activities (including CO2NET, APGTF, IEA GHG CO2 Capture Network, and IEA GHG Monitoring Network, plus plans for relevant UKERC networks that are organised by UKCCSC members). The UKCCSC membership already has links to the majority of these pre-existing networks. This will assist a rapid building of circulation mailing lists of interested parties. Additional mailing list membership will be solicited from the UK-specific audience listed above. Close participation and information exchange into and out of the TSEC programme is expected. Membership of UKERC networks, to ensure information flow, will be explicitly allocated to designated UKCCSC representatives.


The most rapid and effective means of communication to all interested parties is via a regularly maintained website. This was set up at the start of the project and updated monthly throughout – you are reading it now! Goals, pathways and metrics will be explicit. There are items such as: contact details, news, reports, and dates and summaries of future and past meetings. Attention will be given to presenting material in ways that will be accessible to the range of target audiences. A discussion site will be developed.


Open meetings will be held at 12, 24 and 36 months. The final meeting at 36 months will present an overview of results and recommendations. Invitations to these 12- monthly presentations will be circulated widely to the potential audiences listed above. The number of researchers and institution locations in UKCCSC will also naturally lead to extensive personal contacts and bilateral meetings where various aspects of the project’s work will be communicated. Reports: Short monthly updates of TSEC activity will be e-mailed to mailing lists. Working reports will be posted of UKCCSC 6-monthly “technical milestone” meetings, and interested parties informed by Email. All official UKCCSC reports will be subject to a review process conducted by the UKCCSC management group. Publications by individual groups of researchers are not moderated, but do not have the UKCCSC imprimatur.

Consortium and Network