UKCCSC Progress Meeting – Heriot-Watt University – March 19-20 2008

The presentations from the meeting can be downloaded below. They are in alphabetical order of the first authors surname, which may or may not be the person who gave the presentation at the meeting!

Martin Blunt, Branko Bijeljic, Tara C LaForce, Stefan Iglauer, Ran Qi, Saleh Al-Mansoori, Chris Pentland and Erica Thompson – Impact of capillary trapping on geological CO2 storage

Adina Bosoaga – Update on Theme A

Mathieu Lucquiaud, Hannah Chalmers, Jia Li and Jon Gibbins – Capture-ready principles and design for pulverised coal plants

Min Jin, Gillian Pickup and Eric Mackay – Solution of Benchmark Problems for CO2 Storage

Nils Markusson – Learning rates

Alex Kemp, Sola Kasim, Linda Stephen and Joe Swierzbinski – Work Undertaken on Economics of CO2 Capture, Transportation, EOR, and Sequestration in UK/UKCS

Sarah Mander and Ruth Wood – Exploring the influence of the printed media on public perceptions of CCS

Patricia Seevam, J.M.Race , Mike Downie – CO2 Transport UKCCSC Progress Report

Zoe Shipton, Neil Burnside, Rob Ellam, Ben Dockrill – Dating CO2 leakage rates from a natural analogue for CO2 storage

Mike Steven, Jeremy Colls & Karon Smith – University of Nottingham Activities

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