UKCCSC News 31 March 2009

Hi Folks,

Here are 2 forthcoming meetings that can’t wait for the end of the month:

1) European CCS Implementation Workshop

Date: Wednesday 29th April. Venue: EU Parliament

To register: e-mail giving your name, title, affiliation and phone number no later than Friday 24th April 2009.

Flier attached, courtesy of Hannah Chalmers as the meeting doesn’t seem to be on the web.

2) Another one with no web page so another flier attached (hopefully…)?

STRACO2 – CCS Regulation workshop.

Brussels, 24 April.

To register: e-mail durrell@development‐ by Monday, 13 April 2009.

Ideally timed so you can fly to Brussels twice in 2 weeks, thereby adding to the EU carbon footprint.

Short is good,


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