UKCCSC news 30 October 2006

Hi Folks, I’m almost certainly going to start by telling you what you already know. But if I don’t tell you, you’ll think I didn’t know?

So, news item numero uno:

1) The Stern Report came out today. Commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, it basically says that global warming is a serious threat to economic development, and will be cheaper (in the long run) to prevent than to endure.

If you are in a hurry, try the BBC:

If you’ve got a little longer, try the genuine article:

I admit that I’ve not read it yet, so I’ve no idea if CCS is mentioned explicitly. However, without CCS, the emissions targets the report recommends are probably impossible anyway.

Item 1 rather eclipses other news, but thanks to Hannah for sending me these:

2) ConocoPhillips to Expand Europe’s Largest Combined Heat and Power Station. This is important is that CHP stations are very efficient, and improvements in energy efficiency will be crucial in meeting any type of emissions target.

3) E.ON is planning to build two Carbon Capture-ready new 800MW coal-fired power stations at its Kingsnorth facility in Kent.

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