UKCCSC News 27 July 2007

Hi folks,

I guess I’ll get a whole heap of out-of-office replies from this one, as you all escape the wet ‘summer’ by flying to the Central European heatwave. Don’t forget to plant a drought-resistant tree while you’re there, to offset your CO2 emissions. Not that I’m on the moral high ground, unless my flight to Barcelona tomorrow is solar powered or something…

Speaking of the moral high-ground:

“I think carbon capture and storage technology is one of those happy areas where the ethical and the environmental, the commercial and the profitable, come together.” UK energy minister Malcolm Wicks,,2129728,00.html

2) Second Major U.S. Climate Change Science Program Report Issued

The report evaluates the emissions, energy, and economic implications of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations. CCS apparently is considered as an advanced CO2 controlling technology.

There is a short(-ish) summary here:

Or you can download the whole report here. It’s long. The Executive Summary is 3 pages!

3) Developing standards for CCS.

“Proper standards and best practices for capture, transmission and storage of CO2, as well as adequate qualification procedures do not currently exist in the oil and gas industry. In order to develop these important guidelines and standards, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is inviting international industry leaders and key stakeholders to join three Joint Industry Projects. These projects aim to provide a path forward for the industrial opportunity on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).”

4) Simon Shackley and co. have published the following:

‘Stakeholder perceptions of CO2 capture and storage in Europe: results from a survey’, Energy Policy (35), 2007, pages 5091 – 5108.

Some of us participated in the survey, read the results here!

5) The following came from the Carbon Capture Journal, though it seems to have disappeared from the web. I’ve edited the text from the original, to shorten it.

A group of Spanish power companies, research centres and engineering companies have formed a new association to research and implement carbon capture technologies. The association is called la Asociación Española del CO2 (abbreviated to AECO2). AEC02 will work to develop and implement technologies for carbon dioxide capture, transport, storage and use. AEC02 will also try to evaluate the economic impact of carbon dioxide emissions for Spain and its economy.

Google have a copy, though you’ll need to sign up to read the full article: That’s all folks, Mark Dr Mark Wilkinson GeoSciences University of Edinburgh

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