UKCCSC News 2 March 2007

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Assuming you haven’t expired from heatstroke over the winter, I’ll just
remind you of the forthcoming UKCCSC progress meeting in Nottingham, 18
– 19th April.

The first news item comes with thanks to Clair.

EU Consultation on Carbon Capture and Storage.

The European Commission is preparing a legislative proposal which aims at establishing the regulatory framework for the capture of carbon dioxide and its geological storage, often referred to as �carbon capture and storage� (CCS). To that end, they are analysing and studying this potentially important tool for the environment and energy policies of the European Union. CCS is a technology concept to reduce the atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide that result from various industrial processes, in particular from the use of fossil fuels (mainly
coal and natural gas) in power European citizens and other stakeholders on benefits and challenges of CCS, and how the technology  relates to other energy and greenhouse gas mitigation options. These  views will help to identify which issues to consider when preparing  legislative proposals to regulate CCS for the end of 2007. The consultation is open until 16th April 2007, from the web-site:

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“Provide a clear perspective when coal- and gas-fired plants will need to install CO2 capture and storage. On the basis of existing information, the Commission believes that by 2020 all new coal-fired plants should to be fitted with CO2 capture and storage and existing plants should then progressively follow the same approach. Whilst it is too early to reach a definite view on this, the Commission hopes to be able to make firm recommendations as soon as possible.”

The report is long and should provide relief to any insomniacs…

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2) BP defers decision on Peterhead carbon capture plant

BP has deferred a decision on building one of the world’s first “zero emissions” power plants in Scotland because of doubts over the government’s willingness to subsidise the technology.

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Alex Salmond is throwing his weight behind CCS, but then the
Peterhead power station is in his constituency:

SNP leader Alex Salmond urged government support for the Peterhead CCS
project  Alex Salmond has warned MPs that government delays in
supporting a green energy plant at Peterhead could put it in jeopardy.

The Banff and Buchan MP described proposals for the £500m UK carbon
capture power plant as “mind-blowing” in scale and potential.

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3) Leading international politicians have reached a new agreement on tackling climate change, at a Washington summit. Delegates agreed that developing countries will have to face targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions as well as rich countries.

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4) Meanwhile, our very own Stuart Haszeldine has been fulfilling the UKCCSC commitment to dissemination of our expertise, in a series of interviews and sound-bites:

In the Observer on Sunday:

“Edinburgh University geologist Professor Stuart Hazeldine predicts a costliest case scenario in which we pay £50 or £100 more a year for our energy.”

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In the Sunday Telegraph:

“The DTI insists that “as carbon capture and storage is an untested and uncosted technology, it is right that the Government ensures that the taxpayer gets value for money”. But Stuart Haszeldine, who is professor of sedimentary geology at Edinburgh University, is astonished by that attitude. “Look, we know the technology works. It is simply a question of getting the pricing right. That isn’t going to cost the Exchequer anything.””

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5) In the spirit of unbiased reporting:

Western Europe’s biggest coal power plant tackles CO2

LONDON (Reuters) – Western Europe’s biggest carbon emitter, the Drax coal-fired power plant in north Yorkshire, is cleaning up its act with technology available now, rather than banking on untried carbon capture, Drax Power’s chief executive said.

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6) Geoff Maitland has also been making news at Imperial College, congratulations to him:

Shell and Imperial join in research for cleaner fossil fuels News release from Imperial College London Discovering ways to produce cleaner fossil fuels will be the focus of a new multi-million pound joint research programme between Imperial College London and Royal Dutch Shell plc, to be launched on Thursday 15 February.

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7) Branson launches $25m climate bid Millions of pounds are on offer for the person who comes up with the best way of removing significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson launched the competition today in London alongside former US vice-president Al Gore.

8) Total launches the first integrated CO2 capture and geological sequestration project in a depleted natural gas field Paris, February 8, 2007 – Total announces the launch of a pilot CO2 capture and sequestration project in the Lacq basin in southwestern France.

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9) And I might have told you this before, but whatever…

New international rules to allow storage of CO2 under the seabed Storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) under the seabed will be allowed from 10 February 2007, under amendments to an international agreement governing the dumping of wastes at sea (London Convention).

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