UKCCSC News 16 April 2009

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2 rather old but big stories this issue, from both sides of the Atlantic:

The G20 communique turned out to be a bit of a damp squib as far as climate went, though if can be bothered to read to the very bottom you get this bit:

“The G20 states reaffirmed their commitment to address the threat of climate change and reach agreement on global warming at the Copenhagen summit in December.” Wales Online (2 Apr)

2) Google News had 516 items to choose from on this topic when I looked:

“U.S. Democrats launch draft carbon legislation” Reuters (31 Mar)

“Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives launched a sweeping effort on Tuesday to regulate emissions of planet-warming gases and encourage growth of alternative energy.

The draft legislation, circulated by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and Representative Edward Markey, is likely to face a tough fight in the Senate.

3) The UK Energy Act 2008 became law on 6th April this year:

“A licence will be required for carrying out the following activities within the territorial sea or the GISZ:

  • the storage of CO2 with a view to its permanent disposal;
  • temporary storage of CO2 (if an interim measure prior to its permanent disposal);
  • conversion of a natural feature for CO2 storage;
  • exploration for a CO2 storage site; and
  • establishment or maintenance of an installation for any of these purposes.” Source: Law-now, Cameron McKenna

A very readable summary, recommended.

4) “Scientists tap nature for clues to safe carbon capture and storage method” Insciences (2 Apr)

“What we found was remarkable,” said Sherwood Lollar. “At sites throughout the world, we found that the major way CO2 is stored is by dissolution into the underground water, rather than by mineral trapping”

The article itself is in Nature, 2 April.

5) Not an April Fool’s joke hopefully:

“German cabinet passes draft carbon storage law” Reuters (1 April)

Pretty self-explanatory, that one.

6) This month’s holiday offer is in Trondheim, registration deadline 1 May:

“The 5th Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage, 16 and 17 June 2009”

7) “UK energy regulator launches North Sea carbon pipeline consultation” Power Engineering (8 Apr)

“UK energy regulator Ofgem has begun an industry consultation on National Grid’s proposal to investigate the reuse of some of its natural gas transmission pipelines in Scotland for the transportation from 2013 of carbon dioxide from power stations and heavy industry for storage offshore.”

8) The shortest Reuters report ever?

“EU exec okays UK aid for carbon capture study” Reuters (8 Apr)

“European Union antitrust regulators approved on Wednesday British financial aid for two feasibility studies on two carbon capture and storage demonstration projects.”

It doesn’t tell you what the projects are!

9) “New era for fossil fuels as first carbon capturing power plant begins work” Guardian (8 apr)

Only 60,000 t CO2 per year from a 30MW boiler but…

“It is the first to link together all parts of the carbon capture chain from burning natural gas to isolating CO2 from flue gases and burying it underground.”

Well, except possibly Schartz Pumpe.

Haszeldine gets quoted a fair bit, and he’s not a happy bunny with the UK trailing in an honourable last as usual…


10) Carbon Abatement Technologies £15m Competition National Workshop & Brokering Event, Leeds, 18th May

“The competition focuses on the Applied Research, Development and Pilot Demonstration of CATs”

10) The Australian but allegedly ‘Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute’ has finally taken off, headed by ex-pat Nick Otter, I think.

“Aus launches clean coal institute” ABC Online (16 Apr)

Aus PM Kevin Rudd “…said 85 nations, corporations and institutions had signed up to join the institute since it was first proposed seven months ago.”,,2-13-1443_2502045,00.html

That’s all again


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