UKCCSC News 12 April 2007

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Details of the Progress Meeting details in Nottigham, 18 – 19th April are at:

Other stories:

1) “Europe’s leading energy utility, Vattenfall, has begun test runs of a new technology aimed at capturing carbon dioxide at power plants. A pilot plant went into operation in the eastern town of Jänschwalde Thursday.”

Apparently they burn lignite here, a very low grade coal, and the new technology is oxyfuel firing. However:

“Vattenfall has yet to find proper storage facilities for the captured CO2, but claims that this should not be a problem as exhausted natural gas deposits, for example, are well suited for that.”,2144,2435433,00.html

2) Thanks to Hannah Chalmers for the next item:

The UK Energy Research Centre today announces the launch of its new Sparks Network for early-career energy researchers Sparks is a branch of UKERC’s National Energy Research Network (NERN), and is set up specifically for all PhD students, early post-docs and research assistants working on the energy sector. It will promote interdisciplinary research and the exchange of ideas on all aspects of energy systems – technical, environmental, economic and social. It opens with a challenging seminar on Retro-fitting and Domestic Demand Reduction, May 9th in London.

Go to the UKERC website ( and click on “Events” in the sidebar.

3) “The cement industry is an active participant in a preliminary project being carried out by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas R&D programme to determine the practicalities of applying carbon capture and storage (CCS) to cement manufacture.” There’s not much more info, but the story is at:$470790.htm

 4) An MIT report into the future of coal concludes: “CCS is the critical enabling technology because it allows significant reduction in CO2 emissions while allowing coal to meet future energy needs”

5) ‘Carbon-capture trials safest way forward’ – Laurens Rademakers, Biopact. This article is about storing CO2 from biofuels, and is certainly interesting reading.

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