UKCCSC News 11 January 2010

Hi Folks,

It seems like a long time since Copenhagen, where there was at least 1 CCS-related item worth knowing about:

“Blow for clean coal as UN shuts it out of emissions trading” Telegraph (16 Dec)

“But a United Nations committee decided not to include the industry [CCS] in its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which rewards companies that invest in green energy.”

We can all blame Brazil, apparently. I guess the world’s poor can starve while we turn food into fuel?

2)While all eyes are on Copenhagen, this comes from the UK pre-Budget report:

“Chancellor cranks up support for low-carbon businesses” businessGreen (9 Dec)

“In a surprise move, Darling pledged to make the UK a world leader in CCS technology and announced that the government would double its support for the sector in order to help four demonstration plants.”

“… with the projects funded by a levy on energy companies between 2014 and 2018.”

Even the Queen got in on the act, apparently mentioning this in her speech on Xmas day.

3) In the USA: “Secretary Chu Announces $3 Billion Investment for Carbon Capture and Sequestration”

“An investment of up to $979 million, including funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will be leveraged by more than $2.2 billion in private capital cost share as part of the third round of the Department’s Clean Coal Power Initiative (CCPI).”

4) An academic appointment as Professor in Geoenergy, Carbon Capture & Storage:

“Ikon Science Welcomes Appointment of Jon Gluyas at Durham University”

“The new post is sponsored by Ikon Science and DONG Energy (UK) Ltd. As part of its sponsorship, Ikon Science will develop and commercialise new technologies for monitoring and modelling the injection and storage of CO2 into the earth.”

5) “Australia To Short List $2 Billion Carbon Capture And Storage Projects” The Government Monitor (8 dec)

“The Australian Government will now spend up to $120 million on pre-feasibility work to further assess the … projects:” The article lists the projects and gives a few details.

6) Alberta invests in world’s biggest carbon-capture pipeline. (24 Nov)

“At maximum pressure, the line would carry more than 14 million tonnes a year to mature oilfields for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), seven times more than Norway’s proposed Sargas Husnes EOR project. The world’s second-largest proposed project, Australia’s Monash complex near Melbourne, which aims to store CO2 from a coal-to-petroleum liquids conversion facility, will store more than 12 million tonnes a year, but without the advantage of EOR.”

7) I’m not sure if this survived Copenhagen?

“China to cut 40 to 45% GDP unit carbon by 2020” China Daily (26 Nov 09)

“This is “a voluntary action” taken by the Chinese government “based on our own national conditions” and “is a major contribution to the global effort in tackling climate change,” the State Council said.”

8) This webpage has a tasteful advert for the CCS Masters here in Edinburgh so it must be good:

“ScottishPower reports CO2 capture efficiency ’breakthrough’” Carbon Capture Journal (30 Nov)

“The focus for the tests at Longannet has been to reduce the energy requirement to a minimum via a combination of process improvements and low energy solvents. The improved process has been successfully verified in the pilot plant, with the energy required being reduced by approximately a third from a reference plant.”

9) “Europeans could save planet for $3 a day: study” Reuters (1 Dec 09)

The report was commissioned by Friends of the Earth and was clearly tailored to their requirements (it also suggested eating less meat and travelling less just before Xmas, possibly FOE not fully in touch with normal life?):

“True to FOEE’s politics, the assessment excludes the use of nuclear energy or carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology that would allow European power suppliers to keep on burning coal. It also rules out most carbon offsetting.”

10) “Magnesium cage shows promise for carbon capture” Chemistry World (Dec 09)

“US chemists have shown that a hugely porous chemical cage containing large numbers of exposed magnesium centres can efficiently and selectively capture carbon dioxide from a mixture of gases and subsequently release it using little energy. “

11) This article contains a list of ‘all’ CCS schemes in Europe:

“FACTBOX-EU planned carbon capture and storage projects” Reuters (17 dec)

“Britain is to fund four demonstration carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects by 2020 in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, finance minister Alistair Darling has said.”

12) “India may participate in carbon capture and storage initiative Down Under” The Economic Times (31 Dec 09)

“With India committing to reduce its carbon emissions by 20-25% by 2020, the government is considering participating in a carbon capture and storage initiative in Australia.”

13) For a spring break, how about ‘beautiful Berlin’?

EAGE is proud to announce the Second EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop – From Laboratory to Deployment, to be held on 11-12 March 2010. The deadline for submitting abstracts for posters is 15 January 2010.

That’s lucky for some, apparently.


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