UKCCSC news 10 October 2006

Hi Folks, Here’s an inbox-filling list of CCS related news!

1) EU technology Platform Zero Emission Power (ZEP) 12 – 13 September 2006 Twelve CCS full scale demonstrations before 2020 requested by all-EU Industry group. Inclusion of CCS hoped for in FP7 funding. DG Environment, Transport and Research all say similar CCS need, to meet EU 2C warming target . The next-best-thing to a CCS roadmap for the EU. Vision documents and presentations at

2) POST note 268 Carbon Footprint

This briefly compares power technologies for the UK, and their putative CO2 emissions. Includes CCS for coal and for gas. All seem to be quite narrowly focused on the power generation step

3) Price Waterhouse World in 2050 From Green growth, CCS is essential and will cost 2-3% of world GDP, i.e. one year of growth. John Hawkesworth is Head of MacroEconomics at PWC UK.

4) BP Launches targetneutral 23 Aug 06 UK’s first mainstream scheme to “neutralise” the CO2 emissions caused by driving UK drivers can now neutralise the CO2 emissions caused by their driving through targetneutral, a non-profit making partnership initiative from BP that launches today. Road transport accounts for 22 per cent of UK CO2 emissions. The straight-forward scheme, available at, enables all drivers to take direct action to reduce their individual impact on climate change by funding CO2 reductions generated from environmental projects.

5) Green Alliance Positive on CCS within decentralised energy grid July 06

6) CCS in the new Europe: UKERC meeting Place 27 Sept The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. To enable a debate on the potential role that clean coal technologies, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) in particular, may play in developing a secure and sustainable European energy system.
  2. To identify what role CCS might play, what barriers might exist to its deployment and how CCS could fit with other low carbon, renewable energy sources.
  3. To formulate a series of recommendations for stimulating future opportunities in this area.

7) Energy Institute CCS seminar day, Tuesday 31 October

8) Simulation of CCS for North Sea EOR

9) Shell experience of CO2 injection

10) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the UK – Seizing the Opportunity

11) TUC framework for Clean Coal in Britain Argues that the adoption of clean coal technology, together with a new carbon capture and storage technology, will help the UK meet its EU target for the reduction of CO2 emissions. It says that the UK has plenty of coal reserves, which can be mined cheaply, and which are not subject to the same kind of price fluctuations as other energy sources, notably oil. The CCTG is chaired by Dr Mike Farley of MitsuiBabcock, and includes representatives from NUM, BACM-TEAM, T&G, the TUC, industry experts, and specialist advisers from DTI and DEFRA.

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