UKCCSC News 1 May 2007

Hi Folks,

Here’s another compendium of carbon clippings.

1) “2007 U.S.-EU Summit Statement: Energy Security, Efficiency, and Climate Change”

White House Press Release, Office of the Press Secretary, Washington, DC, April 30, 2007

The statement makes numerous references to CCS.

2) “Europe’s energy decision makers back CO2 capture and storage technology”

This is the results of the ACCEPT survey that some of us took part in last year. Here are a couple of the best bits:

“Three quarters thought that widespread use of CCS was definitely or probably necessary to achieve deep reductions in CO2 emissions between now and 2050 in their own country”

“The environmental and health and safety risks of CCS were regarded by the majority of respondents as being moderate or minimal”

3) From the department of spin come the following: “A way we can help remove carbon from the atmosphere is to plant a carbon storage module which is a clever, but accurate, way to describe a tree.”

Yes, but what happens when the tree dies and rots or burns down? Perhaps the answer is in the article?

4) Finally, the IPCC are meeting in Bangkok this week, to finalise the 3rd part of their report. The various newspaper reports all note the conflict between scientists and politicians, so there won’t be much sleep for some of the delegates. The final report will presumably be available at the IPCC site ( though the official release date isn’t until October. Don’t worry, the whole report will be leaked long before then.

For the Aussie take on the meeting, try “Carbon capture is climate best bet” from The Australian:,20867,21642179-30417,00.html

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