UKCCSC meeting Newcastle 17-18 September 2007

The presentations from the meeting can be downloaded below. They are in alphabetical order of the first authors surname, which may or may not be the person who gave the presentation at the meeting!

Murray Allan, Alison Turner & Bruce Yardley – Geochemical reaction rates following porewater acidification

Jerry Blackford, Nancy Jones, Steve Widdicombe, Dave Lowe, Carol Turley, Andy Rees et al  – Marine Environmental Impacts

Trevor Drage, Ana Arenillas, Cova Pevida, Karl Smith and Colin Snape – Development of adsorbent technologies for pre and post-combustion CO2 capture

Stuart Gilfillan, Stuart Haszeldine, Zoe Shipton and Mark Wilkinson – Tracing CO2 leakage from the Natural Analogues

Rudra Kapila – Sites, Regulations and Policies for CO2 Capture and Geological Storage in India

Alex Kemp and Sola Kasim Least-cost Optimisation Models for CO2 Capture and Sequestration

K. Kurtev, A. Aplin and S. AbrakasaMudstone CO2 sealing efficiency

Mathieu Lucquiaud, Hannah Chalmers, Jon GibbinsOngoing work within the Mechanical Engineering Department, Imperial College, London

Mercedes Maroto-ValerCenter for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage

Naser Odeh and Tim CockerillLife Cycle emissoins from fossil fuel power plants with carbon capture and storage

Jonathan PearceAnalogue studies of fault-controlled CO2 leakage

Jonathan PearceUpdate on Near-Zero Emissions in Coal China – NZEC

P.N. Seevam, J.M.Race , M.J.DownieCO2 Transport Infrastructure, Newcastle University

James Verdon & Michael KendallPassive seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration

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